Volunteering at St Mungo's

What you'll gain from being a volunteer

Volunteers are an integral part of St Mungo's and we recognise and value the huge contribution they make.

In return, we can offer you a rewarding experience by providing opportunities to:

  • Make a significant contribution to combating homelessness
  • Develop skills and experience of the homelessness sector within a dynamic, positive, friendly and supportive environment, and have access to some of the training courses at St Mungo's
  • Access an extensive volunteer training programme and e-learning programme
  • Socialise with like minded people and other volunteers

How to apply

Search our current volunteering vacancies and find the right opportunity for you. Then simply complete the application form and we’ll be in touch to discuss next steps. We add new volunteer roles from the first Friday of each month and they are live for 2 weeks so don't forget to get your application in!

Got a question about a role or how to apply?

Simply email VolunteerServices@mungos.org or call us on
020 3856 6160 for more information.

Our success

We are an Investing in Volunteers accredited organisation, a national quality mark we have held since 2013. This means if you are a volunteer with us you are with an organisation externally verified as supporting our volunteers in the best way possible.

Find out more information about IIV here.

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Aggie’s story …

“I started volunteering about four years ago - I run a cooking session at St Mungo’s Endsleigh Gardens on a Wednesday afternoon.

It’s very humbling to witness a grown man who has perhaps never chopped an onion before do it, and do it well, and with pride. A few weeks back, someone made cheese sauce from scratch – he’d only ever had it from a packet – and was delighted with the results. Conversely, many residents are very knowledgeable about ingredients and flavours. Homeless people need to be able to enjoy good, nutritious, inexpensive food, and I appreciate being able to facilitate that. I also appreciate being thanked by the residents for my input; I know it makes a difference.”

Gabrielle’s story …

"Volunteering with St Mungo’s is an opportunity to work with a diverse mix of people who I otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to meet. It is a great privilege to be able to facilitate workshops in photography with the residents of one of St Mungo’s hostels, and I enjoy being able to use the skills I have to teach others - but also very much to provide those who attend a few hours focus on something creative, away from the realities of daily life. I get the pleasure of seeing people of all backgrounds learn new skills, challenge themselves, and I get to learn a thing or two too. Volunteering with St Mungo’s has helped me to develop my abilities to speak to groups of people which has helped improve my confidence no end."