Your impact

Your support has helped transform the lives of people who've experienced homelessness. Through your gifts, time and energy, you've helped people to leave the streets behind and rebuild their lives. Thank you.

In 2016-2017, you donated £9m to support our work to end homelessness and rebuild lives. Thank you so much.

As part of this, more than 700 of you supported our ‘Safer off the Streets' crowdfunding campaign to keep Bristol’s night shelters running. Together you donated £37,000 to fund emergency bed spaces over the winter.

More than 900 volunteers contributed 180,000 hours of their time to St Mungo’s to make a difference in the daily lives of our clients and services.

30 schools and youth groups ‘put their heads together to end homelessness’ by supporting Woolly Hat Day through bake sales, selfies and entering our hat drawing competition.

 55 brave people took part in our Senate House Library abseil to raise awareness of homelessness and help raise funds for our rough sleeping, health and recovery work.

You helped change homelessness law. Over 4,000 of you called for changes to our outdated homelessness legislation and in April 2017, the Homelessness Reduction Act was passed.

Thank you for everything you do to support St Mungo’s.

Image of Nick

Nick’s story

A shelter changed my life.

I moved to Bristol because I thought I'd find a job there while a friend kindly put me up. But things didn't turn out like that. After so many failed applications and interviews I broke down and so did the relationship with my friend. I ended up sleeping in a tent in Castle Park. As winter approached it became too cold to bear. I'd heard about a St Mungo's project. I spent three nights there. That was three years ago.

Since then, St Mungo's has connected me with more of their services and helped me to build my confidence.

I also gained skills through volunteering and my future became clearer. I saw a chance to apply for a job at a St Mungo's project. I feel so proud to tell you that I was successful. All of these opportunities have been possible because of the generosity of supporters like you. Thank you.

For every £1 of St Mungo’s total income

  • 90p


    is spent on projects that support people experiencing homelessness

  • 6p


    is spend on administration (e.g. Policy, IT, HR, Governance)

  • 4p


    is spent raising the next £1