Personal challenge

Logo: 50@50Take on a personal challenge

A fundraising challenge doesn't have to be physical. Read a book, offer your time, or learn something new.

Just remember to tell us about your fundraiser, however big or small.

Make your Home Pledge a personal challenge:

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Learn A Skill

Always fancied learning Spanish or Crochet but never had the time? You no longer have an excuse!

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Cooking Challenge

Pledge to only use 5 ingredients for every single meal you cook – Ready, Steady Cook style!

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Pledge a Passion

Budding playwrights, DJs and ceramicists, turn your passion into a daily habit.

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Virtual Yoga

Join our Virtual Yoga Event and practice your new skill every day for a month.

What pledge will you make?

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Let us and other supporters know you are making a Home Pledge so we can all help you keep your promise

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