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For teachers, Home Pledge is a way of fostering class spirit from afar, keeping pupils engaged in learning (see the read-a-thon challenge) and providing a little extra-curricular fun.

For parents, it’s an alternative to academic learning and an extra option for your home schooling repertoire.

Some examples for a home schooling challenge:

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Challenge children to read for 30 minutes a day or set them a goal of £5 for every 50 minutes they read in a month.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Karate? Piano? Guitar? Drama? Now is a perfect time for children to practice a new skill.

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Get Moving

Challenge children to exercise for 30 minutes a day or set them goals that increase each day.

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Home Helpers

Parents, challenge children to help you with daily chores, like washing up, cleaning their room or making dinner.

What pledge will you make?

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