Thousands of people are now off the streets and safely self-isolating. But now the Government must ensure no one has to go back to the streets.

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How we are helping

Our focus – as always – is on the safety and welfare of our clients, including people who are homeless and people living on the streets.

We are working closely with partners on how we can help people rough sleeping or in hostels to self-isolate, to protect them from the coronavirus. 

Our staff are currently working around the clock to respond to the latest public health guidance, and prepare for further restrictions on daily life to help reduce the spread of the virus.

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Support St Mungo's

Now more than ever, we need your help to ensure those sleeping rough and those in homelessness services are not forgotten and have somewhere safe to stay and to self-isolate to protect them from the coronavirus. 

Whilst this unprecedented situation continues our dedicated colleagues will continue to support and care for those who need our help. We can only provide these vital services with your help.

Your continued offers of financial support and other contributions to our services allow us to provide the essential services our clients rely on. On behalf of those who your kindness will help – thank you. 
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Contact StreetLink

If you see someone sleeping rough please let StreetLink know, through their website or app, to help connect them to local services that can support them to move away from the streets.

If someone needs urgent medical assistance, call 999.

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Campaign with us

We're campaigning hard for the extra help our clients and staff need from Government. We know that people who have experienced homelessness are more likely to have health problems, which means many of those who we support will be much more vulnerable to getting ill as a result of coronavirus.

Become a campaigner today to see how we’re working with the government and how you can get involved.

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