How we are helping

Our focus – as always – is on the safety and welfare of our clients, including people who are homeless and people living on the streets.

Since March last year, we have helped over 4,000 people who were rough sleeping or in communal night shelters to isolate safely and have so far supported almost 1,500 people into longer term accommodation.

We continue to work closely with partners on how we can help people rough sleeping or in hostels to protect them from the coronavirus. 

Our work of the last year has saved hundreds, and changed thousands, of people’s lives and in the face of an incredibly challenging year, we have proved that When We Work Together we can end rough sleeping.

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Campaign for change

Since 2008, nearly £1bn has been cut from what councils spend on homelessness services every year. This money hasn’t been replaced by the emergency coronavirus response and these vital services are still unable to help everyone who needs them.

Everybody who has slept rough deserves the support they need and a home for good.

The Government must urgently invest an extra £1bn in homelessness services every year until at least 2024 if they are to end rough sleeping for good.

Take action today
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Contact StreetLink

If you see someone sleeping rough please let StreetLink know, through their website or app, to help connect them to local services that can support them to move away from the streets.

If someone needs urgent medical assistance, call 999.

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Work of our supporters

Numerous businesses, individuals, trusts and foundations, community organisations have been supporting our Covid-19 response. They have been vital in our effort to help vulnerable people.
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