Welcome to
St Mungo's

Our goal is to
end homelessness and rebuild lives.

Welcome to St Mungo's

Our goal is to end homelessness and rebuild lives


How your support helps

Through your gifts, time and energy, you've helped people to leave the streets behind and rebuild their lives. Thank you.

  • Through our prevention services, we help people at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Through our emergency services, we support people off the streets and into accommodation.
  • Our recovery service helps people to rebuild their lives and leave homelessness behind forever.
Your impact

We are St Mungo's

In 1969 a group of volunteers decided to do something to help homeless people. They gave food, company and support on the streets of London.

Today we provide emergency and supported housing, advice, health care and skills services in London and the south of England. Nationally, we campaign to prevent homelessness and help people rebuild their lives.

St Mungo's is the largest provider of outreach services for people sleeping rough in England – our outreach teams worked with 10,267 people last year.

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Homelessness is on the rise

On a cold night in England in 2020, it was found that almost 2,688 people were sleeping rough. That’s a heartbreaking increase of 920 people or 52 % since 2010.

There's more to homelessness than meets the eye and more to it than sleeping rough:

  • 75% of people seen rough sleeping for the first time reported they had come to the streets from some form of long-term accommodation.
  • 44% of people sleeping rough reported having a mental health need. 
  • 10% of people seen sleeping rough were under 25 and seven people were under 18.
Why do people become homeless?

Our people

Shaaban is on of the 10% of St Mungo's staff who has lived experience of homelessness. After three months on the streets an outreach worker gave him details of a St Mungo's hostel. They checked him in the same day and that night he slept in a bed.

"I know from first hand experience that recovery is possible with the right help."

Real life stories

Other ways to get involved

  • Volunteer


    Make a huge difference as part of one of our projects or services

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  • Campaign


    Join us in demanding action on homelessness

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  • Fundraise

    Challenge yourself with one of our events and help us end homelessness

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