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Take On Your Own Challenge

Every year the St Mungo’s events team put on our creative hats and try to come up with new fundraising challenge events.

From running and cycling, to abseiling and video gaming, we try and keep up with new trends to offer our supporters the best event experience possible.

Our creative inspiration is often outdone, however, by the daring imagination of our supporters.

We have seen some truly astonishing achievements from fundraisers who have had an idea and ran (or cycled, parachuted, driven, kayaked, or wing-walked) with it.

With homelessness at crisis point, we need the help, creativity, and dedication of our supporters more than ever.

Planning your own fundraiser

If you are planning your own fundraising challenge, the best thing to do is set up a page on JustGiving or GivePenny,

link it to St Mungo’s and choose a fundraising target to match one of the tiers below which will dictate the level of support we are able to provide.

Contact our events team if you need help setting up your event.

Select a Home Team Hero package:

Icon: Bronze icon for events
Icon: All Star
Icon: Hall of Fame


Fundraising Pack, Poster


Fundraising Pack, Poster, Training Hub,
Frontline Magazine, Branded Clothing


Fundraising Pack, Poster, Training hub,
Frontline Magazine, Branded Clothing
Certificate, Service Visit
Image: St Mung's abseil

Once you have picked your tier, you can download our fundraising pack which gives you ideas and advice on ways to reach your target. 

Download our fundraising pack