Ending homelessness, rebuilding lives

Winter Edition 2023

Introducing our winter campaign

Rough sleeping in winter can be fatal. Just one night in the warm can turn someone’s life around. With your support, tonight could be someone’s last night on the streets. 

The cycle of homelessness

It can be hard to see a way out of rough sleeping. Without a home, finding a job is almost impossible and without a job, finding a home is impossible. And in winter, rough sleeping can be dangerous or even fatal.

Last year we launched Last Night on the Streets to highlight the dangers of rough sleeping, and our brilliant outreach teams who work all hours to bring people in from the cold to safety.

Last night on the streets

The demand for support is increasing again this year, and the pressure is on. The numbers of people facing eviction amid a housing emergency have risen to shocking levels, and the cost of living crisis has pushed the most vulnerable into unsuitable temporary accommodation or even onto the streets.

As part of our winter campaign and in the hopes of reaching more people like you, we have produced a TV advert that provides a glimpse into a person’s journey from the streets and into accommodation, the harsh winter elements they endure night after night, and the hope that our outreach teams can bring.

We are so thankful to you for supporting our clients through times like these and we hope to spread the word to as many people as possible. The more wonderful supporters like you we can find, the more people we can help.

An end to rough sleeping is possible. Thank you for helping us to get there.

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