Ending homelessness, rebuilding lives

Summer Edition 2023

Keeping best friends together

A pet can be a lifeline for someone recovering from homelessness. That’s why we’re one of the only charities to offer pet friendly accommodation.

Having Marnie the poodle really helps Lisa – she keeps her company and gives her motivation. Lisa shares her story:

“I started sleeping rough after leaving care at 16. I’d been going to the West End in London with an older girl since I was about 13, and it was always exciting. There were all these older adults and I thought they were looking after me.

“One day, they said “do you want to try some crack?”, so I said yes. I didn’t have a clue what it was, but it was nice, and I carried on doing it.

“A group of us used to sleep down by Leicester Square. There was an old cinema that had shut down, and we would be in front of the doorway. To be honest, at the time it seemed quite exciting because I’d never experienced any of that before.

“But as I got older, I realised it wasn’t exciting. It wasn’t exciting having to wake up and get money for drugs every morning.”

“I'm 38 now, and I’ve stayed in lots of hostels over the years, but this is the best hostel I’ve ever been in. The minute I walked through those doors, it’s like a proper community. You can come down for breakfast, they do wellbeing group, and the Recovery College is just across the street."

“They do arts and crafts and cookery groups. The managers are so friendly, and the staff will help you any way they can.

“It’s so nice to have Marnie, my mum’s dog here too. To be able to have a little companion. When I’m on my own I just want to stay in bed. Because I’m not using drugs anymore, I’m on methadone. But when I’ve got Marnie with me, we’ve got a nice little routine. I couldn’t stay in all day with her, it wouldn’t be fair. She’d get bored.

“In future, I’d like to get my own place, with my own dog. I love staffs. I’m also trying to get into voluntary work – I want to do anything working with dogs. My support worker’s very encouraging, and he’s helping me look into it.”

Take the Lead

Do you have a dog that you enjoy walking? Could you walk 26 or 50 miles together in a month?

If the answer’s yes, then why not take part in our dog walking challenge, Take the Lead this August? And help raise vital funds to end homelessness.

Choose to walk either 26 or 50 miles in a month with your four legged friend.

You can take on this paw-some challenge anywhere, in your own time and at your own pace. You could choose to go on short walks every day, or go for longer distances at the weekend – it’s your challenge, so you can decide when and where you clock up the miles.

Register for free today to receive a St Mungo’s
T-shirt and mile tracker. Plus, get a funky St Mungo’s dog bandana if you raise over £50.

As one of the only charities to offer pet friendly accommodation, you’ll be helping to keep more friends like Lisa and Marnie together.

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