Andrew’s story on becoming a St Mungo’s Support Worker

Andrew is a Support Worker in Bristol. He draws on his own experience of 13 years sleeping rough to help others.

He walks us through his journey and remembers Vince, the amazing support worker who never gave up on him.

I started to move around a lot. I thought that if I went to a new town, things would change. I didn’t realise that I was taking myself with me

Image:Andrew-CookThere were lots of great people that I came into contact with from St Mungo’s, but Vincent Adams stood out – he was a larger than life character. He was my support worker at quite a few hostels. He was also on the outreach team and when I was sleeping rough at Euston he used to come down and see me, take me for breakfast, and just check how I was doing.

I started as an apprentice for St Mungo’s and Vince became my friend. I used to go and stay with his family. They opened their house up to me as a friend. That was just priceless.

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