David’s story

Image: David, St Mungo's clientI’m David. I’d like to share my St Mungo’s journey with you.

Back in 2008 I was evicted from my flat, and ended up sleeping on the streets for three weeks. Then I was placed in a temporary hostel, where I decided to find out where and why I was going wrong in my life, and how to make the necessary changes.

Two years later, I moved into semi independent accommodation run by St Mungo’s. There I decided to get involved in Move On Training and Outside In, to find real friends and learn more about life in general.

Move On Training is a St Mungo’s service that helps clients develop the skills they need to manage their own home. Outside In is a peer support group of St Mungo’s clients, enabling them to have a voice and be meaningfully involved in the running of services.


Thank you for supporting St Mungo’s and helping me get to where I am today.

I also started doing assertiveness and self-esteem courses at St Mungo’s Recovery College. Both of these I had none of, so I realised that this was the next essential step. My experience at the Recovery College led to me going to college full time.

Taking St Mungo’s ‘Life Skills’ sessions was the hardest decision I ever made. Ever since I was a child I had it drilled into me that poor mental health was socially unacceptable, but these sessions raised my awareness and my life changed.

Now, I’ve got my own flat again and things have improved. I’m even a member of St Mungo’s Client Advisory Board (CAB), using my experience to make sure Directors and Board members stay informed of client issues and ensure services work for them. Working with the CAB has given me confidence about my future employment possibilities.

Thank you for supporting St Mungo’s and helping me get to where I am today.


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