"To me, home is a place to feel secure"

Neil, St Mungo's volunteer and former client: "I live in an apartment of my own, volunteer and am happy. My life wasn’t always like this. Two years ago, I was made homeless. I can’t tell you how scary it was – I’d been made redundant and fell into a deep depression. I literally closed the blinds, stopped seeing friends and retreated from the world.

That couldn’t continue and one morning the bailiffs came. I had 10 minutes to get out. I had nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help. I slept rough for a while before going to the council, but because I had lost my home ‘intentionally’ they said they couldn’t help.

Eventually I was found a place in a St Mungo’s shelter in Vauxhall. To be able to lock the door and relax is a huge thing when you’ve been sleeping rough. To me, home is a place to feel secure, and with thanks to people’s kind support and St Mungo’s, I’ve been given a chance to make positive changes in my life.”

What does home mean to you? It’s a big question and one that we’ve been asking to help us understand how our supporters, clients and volunteers view the issue of homelessness. Tell us while taking our short quiz - it's only five questions so shouldn't take long.

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What does home mean to us?

Home can mean different things to all of us; comfort, safety or warmth. Lots of us take our homes for granted, but for someone experiencing homelessness it can mean the difference between life and death.

Watch our video and find out what home means to the supporters, clients, volunteers and staff of St Mungo's.

Yvonne, gift in wills supporter

'St Mungo's doesn't just provide shelter, but skills and training so people experiencing homelessness can rebuild their lives. That's why I decided to leave a gift in my will to support these services' - Yvonne, gift in wills supporter

A gift in your will can help provide a future for someone experiencing homelessness

By supporting St Mungo’s with a gift in your will, you can help people like Neil off the streets, as well as give them the skills and confidence to build a future for themselves.
These gifts are a special way to support people experiencing homelessness in the future.

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