St Mungo’s celebrates season of gift-giving with sock brand Bombas

Leading homelessness charity St Mungo’s is encouraging others to enter into the Christmas spirit by making a meaningful purchase from the comfort-focused socks and underwear brand Bombas.

Earlier this year, the American basics retailer selected St Mungo’s as their first UK charity partner. For every Bombas item purchased in the UK, the company donates another item to provide warmth and comfort to people recovering from homelessness across St. Mungo’s services.

In the past year, St Mungo’s has supported over 32,000 people, and so far, Bombas has donated an amazing 19,000 pairs of socks to the charity’s clients.

Reflecting on the partnership, Catherine Townson, St Mungo’s Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager said: 

“We are so excited to be working in partnership with Bombas and to have been chosen as one of their first lead charity partners. St Mungo’s provides housing and support to more than 3,200 people each night. A fresh pair of socks is something that so many of us can take for granted, but for clients arriving into our services, sometimes with only the clothes they are wearing, they can make a real difference.

“Bombas has a history of supporting homelessness organisations in the US, and this has really inspired us. We’re delighted that Bombas are supporting our work by already donating 19,000 pairs of socks to our frontline services and helping to promote greater empathy and understanding around homelessness. Christmas is the season of giving and by shopping with Bombas, you are helping us to support  people as they recover from homelessness.”

Kelly Cobb, VP of Community and Giving at Bombas, said:

“We are so thrilled to be working in partnership with St Mungo’s this year, distributing 19,000 pairs of donation socks to 38 service locations. Anyone gifting socks this Christmas can feel especially good knowing that when a pair is purchased, a pair is donated to someone who needs it most, thanks to the incredible, supportive work of St Mungo’s and their tireless commitment to tackling homelessness.”

To buy a pair of socks or underwear from Bombas and donate to St Mungo’s services, please visit: