The Cost of Living Crisis is having a devastating impact, says St Mungo’s as new rough sleeping figures are released

Leading homelessness charity St Mungo’s say the cost of living crisis has shown its impact, as new figures show more people are hitting the streets in London, as they struggle to cover the cost of their tenancies.

New data released today (31 January 2023) by the Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN) shows that between October and December last year 3570 people were seen sleeping rough in London.

This is a 21% increase on the same period in October-December 2021.

The data shows that between October and December:

  • New rough sleepers now account for 48% of all people sleeping rough
  • The number of new people seen on the streets has increased by 29%; from 1314 to 1700 on the same period the year before.

Emma Haddad, Chief Executive of St Mungo’s said: “As we expected, the number of people sleeping rough has increased yet again which is exceptionally concerning.

“It is clear that the cost of living crisis is having a devastating impact, with people struggling to cover the costs of their tenancy, especially in the capital.

“These latest figures once again show just how urgent the situation is.

“We are asking the Government to raise local housing allowance and urgently legislate the Renters’ Reform Bill, as well as include the most vulnerable in the cost of living support packages.

“St Mungo’s will continue to do everything we can to prevent street homelessness, and support those who have ended up sleeping rough to spend as little time as possible on the streets.”

CHAIN is commissioned and funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and managed by Homeless Link.

Anyone concerned about someone sleeping rough should contact StreetLink via