Our services

The causes and consequences of homelessness are complex. In order to meet the challenges of such complexity, we’ve built a wide-ranging network of projects and services to help people become housed, healthier and more hopeful.

Here you’ll find a brief overview of how and where we work, and the services we offer to our clients.


Our 17 outreach teams go out every night of the year across London and the south looking for people who are homeless and sleeping rough, to help them move away from the streets and into accommodation.

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It takes more than a roof to rebuild lives but a warm, safe place to stay is a crucial first step for people experiencing homelessness. Each night we provide a bed and support to more than 3,150 people.

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Our clients often have worse health than most of the general population. Supporting them to have the care and treatment they need is key to their recovery.

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People can, and do, recover from the problems that cause homelessness. At the heart of all of our services is our commitment to empower the individual and support people in their recovery journey. Our starting point is the skills and strengths that each individual brings.

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Offender services

Going to prison can cause the loss of a home, possessions, job and relationships. Last year we worked with more than 9,000 people providing housing and finance advice, helping them to find or keep their accommodation and to reconnect with their families

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Skills and employment

Improved skills and employment prospects are vital for a successful recovery from homelessness. Our skills and employment services range from helping people to learn to read and write, to vocational construction and trade skills and CV, interview and job search techniques.

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Care services

Older people in society are usually more likely to have specific health or support needs, and that likelihood is further increased for people who have experienced homelessness. We run two care homes for older people who have been homeless.

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In the community

Each day, staff go out to people in their own homes to provide support so they are able to feel confident living independently and don't become homeless or return to the streets.

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