In the community

What we do

We run services which go beyond our hostels and housing, offering people help in their own homes and in the community. Some of these services are on offer to all people who need us – they don’t have to have been a resident in a St Mungo’s project before.

Our work in the community is focused on making sure people are able to keep their accommodation once they’re in it, whether they need help with how to pay their bills, manage a budget, or simply some emotional support.

Our work in action

We have a variety of ways we help people to manage their homes and become involved in their local communities, which we know reduces the chances that someone will become homeless again.

Tenancy Sustainment Team

Our Tenancy Sustainment Team (TST) works in north London with people who have recently moved into their own accommodation – or conversely those at risk of losing their existing home. This service is aimed at avoiding repeat homelessness as some people can find managing a household to be quite overwhelming if they’re not properly supported. The team visit and help.

Peer Advice Link (PAL)

PAL is all about people using their knowledge and experience of homelessness to help others along their recovery journey and to settle into their new home.

Our PAL volunteers in London and Bristol help to prevent others from becoming homeless again. When people move on, PAL refers them to local support services to ensure that the transition into their new home goes as smoothly as possible. PAL helps to resolve practical matters – such as help with how to pay bills or their rent, or where to get involved with the local community – rather than being an ongoing keyworker relationship. So advice and assistance are offered when someone asks for it, rather than being a continuous process.

PAL not only helps to stop repeat homelessness for clients who are in the process of moving on; it also enables former clients to develop their skills and use their knowledge to help others.

Assertive Contact and Engagement (ACE)

In Bristol we run the Assertive Contact and Engagement (ACE) service aimed at helping people access mental health treatment. ACE reaches out to people who may face barriers to using services, and encourages participation in a variety of support services designed to help people with mental health problems.

Staff work with people from different communities in Bristol, including the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community; people who are refugees or asylum seekers, people with disabilities and people from black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities.

The service is managed by St Mungo’s in partnership with One25. You can find more information on Bristol’s ACE services and the three sites they operate from, on the Bristol mental health website.

Housing, Advice, Resettlement and Prevention (HARP)

We also run ‘HARP Connect’, across London, offering housing, advice, resettlement and prevention to ex-offenders who are homeless or at risk of losing their home.

You can find out more about HARP by reading about our services for ex offenders.