Skills and employment

The majority of our clients want to work, either now or in the future. To help them towards this goal, we offer a wide range of skills and employment programmes.

Helping people who have experienced homelessness to gain skills and develop their employability is a fundamental part of our aim to help people rebuild their lives.

What we do

We want the range of skills and employment services we offer to suit the diversity of our clients. Many of our clients have low literacy levels or learning difficulties, so we start with the basics – offering classes on literacy and numeracy through our Basic Skills team.

We then work with clients to build a sustained recovery, progressing from basic skills to more vocational training, such as learning trade or administrative skills. The ultimate aim is to get clients back into employment, which helps them build confidence and independence. So we have close links with partners across a number of sectors so we can help clients into meaningful, paid employment.

We also run Recovery Colleges in London and Bristol which offer supportive, social and activity based learning, to help people build their skills and meet new people.

Our work in action

We help people through their whole journey from learning basic skills, through to full employment. An example of how someone might progress through the services we offer could be:

  • Accessing our Basic Skills training to help with literacy and numeracy
  • Joining Train and Trade, offering courses on various trade skills, like bricklaying or decorating
  • Through our Employment and Training team, becoming employed by one of our partner organisations
  • Participating in RollOnMonday, a unique service working specifically with law firms to provide six months paid work experience

But that’s just one route of many. We offer a variety of options, and look to match each client’s individual skills, interests and strengths so that they’re more likely to succeed.

How we’ve helped

We’re proud of the difference our skills and employment services are making in people’s lives. In 2016-17 alone:

Around 2,800 people used our skills and employment services in London and Bristol, helping 311 people into jobs

629 students accessed 285 courses at our Recovery Colleges. More than a third of these courses were run with client input

We took on 24 apprentices last year, 16 of whom went into full time employment with us or partner organisations.