What is The Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary in Bristol is a safe space to come for support when you can no longer cope, or are feeling very alone. We provide a welcoming environment where you can take stock and find some balance.

We can help you to access other services and help you to build your own strategies for crisis prevention and management.

We can provide a free taxi home as part of the service.

Who can use The Sanctuary?

Anyone over 16 years can use The Sanctuary in Bristol.

We support people who are feeling all kinds of emotional distress. Here are some examples of how you might be feeling:

  • Stress, frustration
  • Managing sadness or loss
  • Not feeling in control of your emotions
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Apathy or ambivalence
  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or worried
  • Motivation, low mood
  • Lack of meaning or purpose
  • Relational difficulties
  • Circumstances may be personal, social or work related.

When is The Sanctuary open?

The Sanctuary in Bristol is able to offer face to face sessions or a phone support service.

The Sanctuary is open on Thursday to Monday evenings, from 4pm until 11pm, with the first available face to face appointment at 5pm.

We are operating from a new location: Gloucester House, Dorian Way, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, BS10 5NB.

How do I access a session at The Sanctuary?

To access a same day session at the Sanctuary please phone us on 07709 295 661. Our phone lines will be open from 4pm, Thursdays to Mondays.

Sessions are by appointment only. Please call us during opening hours where we will take you through a brief telephone assessment to understand your needs before a session can be allocated.

What is a session at The Sanctuary like?

All sessions at The Sanctuary in Bristol are currently 1.5 – 2 hour appointments, depending on the day of service. This includes a one-to-one session for up to 60 minutes where we can offer listening support and work alongside you to make a plan to help you keep safe.

You will then be invited into the main space for the remaining time to have a cup of tea or do an activity to help prepare you for leaving the service. An activity pack will be offered containing some activity sheets and pens. We are happy for you to bring something from home if you prefer.

You will be asked if you would like a free taxi home.

What phone support do you offer?

We offer phone support if you are unable to come into the Sanctuary. Phone support can be up to 30 minutes long and can be accessed in the same way as face to face appointments.

Where is The Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary in Bristol is at Gloucester House, Dorian Way, Southmead Hospital, BS10 5NB.