Housing First

    Housing First

    Housing First is a powerful way to end homelessness. It is an internationally recognised programme designed to support people with high and complex needs who have been unable to sustain a long-term home.

    Housing First is an internationally recognised approach to tackling homelessness for people who have been unable to sustain long-term accommodation. It provides a tenancy first as a platform for change, with intensive and flexible support to help clients address their needs at their pace. St Mungo’s is one of the largest providers of Housing First services in England, supporting 349 clients in different locations.

    Service principles

    At St Mungo’s we take the principles of Housing First and apply them by:

    • Being people centred and adaptable
    • Nurturing honest and resilient partnerships
    • Taking well-judged risks
    • Investing time and being patient

    Find out more about Housing First in the video below.

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    "Housing First is a different model because it provides housing ‘first’, on the basis of right, rather than at the end of a process as a reward. And years later the bedrock of the model remains as exciting today as it was in those early stages as we have learned, adapted and grown along the way. Our longer-term aim is for people to achieve long lasting recovery."

    Clearing House

    Clearing House

    Housing for people who have a history of sleeping rough

    The Clearing House provides supported housing in London for people with a history of rough sleeping. All properties are self-contained one-bed or studio flats and are provided by housing associations as part of the Rough Sleepers Initiative (RSI).Tenants of these flats are supported by Tenancy Sustainment Teams (TSTs), who provide a floating support service.

    This service is a partnership with approximately 50 housing associations who provide the accommodation, two Tenancy Sustainment Teams to deliver the support and over 30 organisations who refer people sleeping rough from the street, hostels and other supported housing projects. The partnership is coordinated by the Clearing House on behalf of the Greater London Authority.

    The Rough Sleepers Initiative, which has been running since 1991, has resulted in over 13,000 new tenancies, and it provides exclusive access to more than 3,700 flats for current and former rough sleepers.

    Frequently asked questions

    Please speak with your key worker to discuss your suitability for the Clearing House. The service is unable to accept self referrals and only accepts referrals from commissioned services that provide support to people with experience of sleeping rough.

    Those referred must meet our eligibility criteria which include being a verified rough sleeper with a CHAIN Number, currently engaging with support and an ability to manage a tenancy with fortnightly support.

    Referrals must be made by a commissioned service that provides support to people with experience of rough sleeping. The referral process is entirely online and forms can be completed at Clearing House Online.

    For a pre-referral information pack which can be used with your client when making a referral, and maps of average waiting times please login to the online system and look in our documents library.

    If you have any questions please contact the Clearing House Helpdesk by phone on 020 3856 6008 or email at ch@mungos.org.

    We run monthly induction sessions for referral workers. These sessions provide detailed information about the service the Clearing House offer, how to make a successful referral and how the nomination process works. If you would like to book a place, please email us at ch@mungos.org.

    Our online system for making referrals, requesting nominations and managing cases can be accessed by logging in at https://clearinghouse.my.site.com. Please book mark this login address.

    If you do not currently have login credentials for the system please email ch@mungos.org to book onto an induction session.

    All policies and procedures are available in the Clearing House Library, which can be accessed by logging in to the online system.

    If you do not have access to the system please contact our helpdesk on 020 3856 6008 or email ch@mungos.org.

    Sensitive lets

    Sensitive lets are RSI properties where an appropriate match cannot be made from the Clearing House waiting list. Referral workers are able to put forward clients who would be suitable for the advertised properties under the sensitive lets process.  All clients put forward must have a CHAIN number (although it does not need to be verified); the client must also meet the eligibility criteria set out for the property.

    When sensitive lets are available, Referral workers must call the Clearing House on 020 3856 6008 at or after the date and time specified with their client’s name, CHAIN number and support needs information. If successfully booked the referral form must be submitted online within two working days. Please note that only one self-contained unit can be booked per phone call and no voicemails or emails will be accepted. Once we have a booking the next successful person to call has the option to put their client down as a reserve. If on assessment we are unable to accept the booked referral then we will contact the reserve.

    No Sensitive lets are currently available


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    "I have independence, I have pride in where I live."

    "It's fantastic to see the success and hear first-hand how working in partnership with the Clearing House can make such a positive difference to peoples' lives. Hyde is proud to have supported the Rough Sleepers Initiative for the last 25 years and we remain committed to helping homeless people into the safety and security of their own home."