Through my eyes, a new photography exhibition, has opened at St Giles Church in Covent Garden, featuring images taken during workshops at St Mungo’s Endell Street hostel.

For the last six months, residents of the project have been experimenting with a number of different techniques including using pinhole cameras, microphotography and portraits. The group also learned how to make cameras using simple materials.

Much of the exhibition focuses on life in and around the hostel and the local Covent Garden neighbourhood. A number also feature small models including figures and characters from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

This is the second year that the workshops have run with the support of volunteer Gabrielle Brooks.

She said: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with clients of Endell Street to produce this exhibition. My role has been in facilitating the workshops, but the real work was done by the excellent group who attended. From close ups of precious objects, through to images of the local area; the work produced showcases a snapshot of clients daily lives. Those involved should be really proud – without their hard work and enthusiasm this wouldn’t have been possible.”

The exhibition will be running outside St Giles Church, St Giles High Street, until September