Response to the Mail On Sunday, Mail and Sun articles, 8 April

The Mail on Sunday published a story on 7 April, which was followed up today, 8 April, by articles in the Mail and the Sun newspapers about trans inclusive policies and women-only services, referring to St Mungo’s and other charities.

We gave the following statement to the Mail on Sunday:

“We are sure readers will understand that we do not comment on individual client circumstances. Safety is fundamental to our organisation, we have safeguarding policies and procedures in place to ensure clients, staff and volunteers are safe and respected, and we take action in line with those policies as necessary.

“Access to our services for trans people is determined by the same referral and assessment processes we use with all clients. Trans women are welcome in our women-only services and spaces, in accordance with the law and our values as a charity.

“St Mungo’s is a trans inclusive organisation recognised by Stonewall as a top trans employer.”

We believe there are errors in the story as published, and are looking into the situation further. We would not be more specific publically about these, however, because they would relate to an individual person’s situation.

We would ask people to recognise that we work with people who have complicated histories of homelessness, physical and mental health needs, and to read more about our work across a range of services, which are funded in various ways.

St Mungo’s has around 1,300 staff working in outreach, accommodation, health and skills projects across the south and south west of England. Our staff and volunteers are fully trained in a wide range of service delivery policies and procedures. We take all complaints seriously, especially those from clients.