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St Mungo’s is committed to keeping your data safe. We’re also committed to being up front and honest about what information we’re collecting, why we do this, and how we use it. 

When engaging with our services there will be some personal information which we need to collect in order to offer you the best possible support. As each service requires different information you will receive a printed privacy notice which will explain:

  • What information we need to collect.
  • The legal reason we collect this and why we need it.
  • How long we will hold onto your data after you’ve left the service.
  • How you can exercise your data protection rights.

Depending on the service we will collect your information under one or more of the following legal bases:

  • Consent– we will use this where we can offer you a choice as to whether or not we collect, store, share or otherwise process your information. This will be made clear to you, and will not be done unless we have your consent.
  • (Substantial) Public interest– where we are working to assist with public law we will collect your information under public interest. We will be clear about why we have to collect this information, how it will be used, who you can expect it to be shared with and why.
  • Contract– in some cases we need to collect information in order to fulfil a contract, this will generally be when you have a tenancy or licence agreement with us.
  • Legitimate interest– we may collect other information about you which we believe will assist you when you are with us. This will be used to ensure you are receiving tailored and specific support around your needs.
  • Legal Obligation– Sometimes we may need to store and share information where St Mungo’s has a legal obligation to do so; for example, we may need to store information to comply with health and safety legislation.

If you have any objections to these types of processing, you can contact the Data Protection Officer at InfoSec@mungos.org or 0203 856 6121.

We may need to share some of your information, and we will always take appropriate precautions before doing so. If there are parties we share with regularly, their details will also be provided in your privacy notice, along with a reason for doing so.

Where we do not need to share information, we will always ask for your consent. We do this to respect your right to have a control over your data, and where it is going.

If you have any questions please speak to your service manager or you can contact our Data Protection Officer.

If you currently or have previously used one of our services and would like to understand or exercise your data protection rights, you can also contact our Data Protection Officer at InfoSec@mungos.org or 0203 856 6121.

We will keep your data for a period of 3 years, after you have left the service. Your data will then be minimised and only the following information will be kept:

  • Your name and date of birth to identify you should you re-engage with a St Mungo’s service in the future.
  • A list of the services you engaged with including dates of entry and exit, again this would be able to help us better support you should you re-engage.

In some exceptional cases we may have to keep additional information. This will only be done if there were any significant risks to other clients, staff or property which we’d need a record of should you re-engage.

This information will only be kept for a maximum of seven years after you have left the service.