St Mungo’s response to the statutory quarterly homelessness statistics (April to June 2023)

  • 73,660 households were homeless or at risk of it. An increase of 2% from the same period last year. (6.9% increase in homelessness and 1.5% in threatened with homelessness)
  • The private rented sector is increasingly unstable. Nearly half of the households at risk of homelessness were in the private rented sector. 6,640 households received a Section 21 notice. Up 10.3% from this time last year
  • 25% households had at least one person in part or full-time work. Up just over 10% from this time last year.

St Mungo’s CEO, Emma Haddad, said:

“We’re dealing with rising rates of homelessness, a cost-of-living crisis and now bitterly cold weather, and these combined are putting huge pressure on charities like St Mungo’s. Today’s quarterly homelessness statistics are a sad reminder that the number of people falling into homelessness is continuing to rise.

The factors causing homelessness can be complex, but too often St Mungo’s frontline workers are supporting people who are in employment, they have lost secure housing and are unable to find a path back to a safe roof over their heads. We urgently need an increase in affordable and appropriate housing.

We hope these statistics will galvanise policy action to bring in the Renters Reform Bill and abolish Section 21 evictions; a detrimental clause which currently allows landlords to evict tenants without reason.”

If you can, please consider making a donation to help us address the homelessness crisis.

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