Here at St Mungo's we recognise the powerful emotional support a pet can provide. That's why we are one of the only charities to accept pets in our hostels. 

A pet can often feel like the only companion for someone sleeping on the streets. They provide solace and comfort during what can be an extremely difficult time. Forced to choose between shelter and their pet, many risk sleeping rough in dangerous conditions rather than being separated.

By giving to St Mungo's this National Pet Month, you can help save two lives. 

Rah and Harvey

"Harvey provides me with stability. She knows when I'm sad and I know she's always there."

Rah and Harvey are best friends- they've been through thick and thin together.

For Rah, being separated from Harvey when they were homeless was an absolute non-negotiable. This meant finding a hostel they could both stay was hard. 

But luckily St Mungo's provided them with a home where they were both welcome. Now Harvey is the honorary 'resident' cat and is loved by all the residents there.

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