Caz’s story

Experiencing homelessness on and off for several years, Caz now lives in her own flat, having been supported by St Mungo’s Outreach.


I was homeless on and off since I was 18. I came out of care when I was 18 and things sort of just went downhill from there.

I slept in doorways, places like that. I was robbed a few times while I was asleep.

I saw someone get stabbed on the street over £2. I’ve heard stories of girls being attacked. It was a horrible experience.

Things like that could happen to anybody. I’d always sleep by main roads and it lit areas to avoid any danger.

I used to have people come and offer me money for sex but I’d always say no. When you’re on the streets people just see you as a piece of meat and not as a human.

It was hard trying to stay clean. Not being able to shower or bath when I wanted.

I first came into contact with St Mungo’s through Outreach. They gave me a phone to contact them and it went from there. Now I’m living in my own flat.

St Mungo’s have helped me in lots of ways; they helped me get my bed and my furniture. Now I have a cooker and a washing machine, I have a full kitchen and I have great key workers.

It’s great now to have my own place. I feel a lot safer.

Sleeping on the streets is terrifying, but I’m lucky to be here.