Paul and Treacle’s story

 Paul, who lives in one of our hostels in London with his dog Treacle, shares why she is so important to him.

“When I was selling the Big Issue someone came up to me with £1k in an envelope, trying to buy her. I said no way, you could give me a blank cheque I still wouldn’t take it. she’s the best money I’ve ever spent



She gives me something to focus on. She needs looking after, so it keeps me focussed. Otherwise I’d just be roaming around living in doorways. Gave me a kick up the butt to get myself sorted. It doesn’t matter where we’ve been, whether we’ve been living in a tent or in a doorway. So long as she’s with me, she’s happy.

Two years after we first came in contact with Paul and Treacle, we caught up with the two of them who now have themselves a place to call home thanks to the help of St Mungo’s.


St Mungo’s is one of the only organisations to allow dogs in accommodation for homeless people. Paul and Treacle’s story is part of our series which explores the relationship between St Mungo’s residents and their dogs.

Here at St Mungo’s we recognise the powerful emotional support a dog can provide. That’s why we are one of the only charities to accept pets in our hostels. By donating to St Mungo’s this winter, you can help save two lives from homelessness. Donate here.