Susan and Lady’s story

St Mungo’s is one of the only organisations to allow dogs in accommodation for homeless people. Susan, who lives in one of our hostels in London with her dog Lady, talks about how Lady helps combat loneliness and gives her a sense of purpose. 

“It’s not so scary when you have someone else with you, [someone] you feel safe with. She got my heart straight away.”


When I haven’t got her I’m lost without her. I couldn’t imagine life without her.


Susan and Lady’s story is part of our series which explores the relationship between St Mungo’s residents and their dogs. We will be releasing more stories throughout winter.

Here at St Mungo’s we recognise the powerful emotional support a dog can provide. That’s why we are one of the only charities to accept pets in our hostels. By donating to St Mungo’s this winter, you can help save two lives from homelessness. Donate here.