Wayne’s story

Image: Wayne

After Wayne found his mum dead, he struggled to cope with the trauma. He turned to drugs and ended up sleeping rough for many years. He felt like no-one cared.

It was horrible sleeping in doorways. Having people talk down to you like you are nothing. They don’t care if you are homeless

That all changed when Wayne found St Mungo’s. Our outreach workers got Wayne off the streets and into recovery.

St Mungo’s worker Bill, he helped me find somewhere to live and through that to start making the steps I needed to better my life

While in accommodation, his support worker encouraged him to apply for a construction skills workshop. The workshop has given him the skills and confidence to get his life back on track.

I had never had support before I met St Mungo’s worker

A donation of £100 could help someone like Wayne into a permanent home. Donate today and help residents like Wayne into a permanent home, so they can start to rebuild their life through skills training.