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Life Changing Care

‘Everyone deserves to live with dignity and care’

A new review published by leading homelessness charity St Mungo’s illustrates care gap for people who have been homeless


People with lived experience of homelessness are missing out on the care they need and deserve because of a lack of specialist provision. That is the conclusion of a new review by leading homelessness charity St Mungo’s published today (25 August 2022).The report – entitled Life changing care: The role, gaps and solutions in providing social care to people experiencing homelessness – examines the provision of care services for people who have been homeless and makes eight recommendations about how to improve the current situation.Care services can be defined as those able to carry out activities including administration of medicines and the delivery of personal care – and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

People who have experienced homelessness often have multiple and complex health conditions, which can result in their care needs being much higher and more prevalent at an earlier age, than the general population.St Mungo’s runs two specialist care homes, for people who have experienced homelessness, which are both registered with the CQC.The charity’s review, which was carried out in partnership with the Co-Clinical Lead of the Homeless Health Programme at Healthy London Partnership Dr Caroline Shulman, collates data from 31 of its non-CQC registered services and reflects the needs of 1,442 clients.

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