Ending homelessness, rebuilding lives

Tackling transient work and homelessness

Insecure housing, work and the benefits system

This research took place as part of a new accredited course delivered at St Mungo’s Recovery College in Southwark. The Recovery College provides a safe and inclusive learning environment for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to develop their skills. The College ethos is based on our recovery approach, and many of our courses are co-produced and delivered by staff, clients and volunteers.

12 peer researchers with lived experience of homelessness were recruited to the course and co-produced the research. They attended sessions delivered by Hayley Peacock (Senior Research Officer) and Kristian Hasler (Apprentice Administration Assistant, Research) and a range of invited speakers. They were given accessible theoretical and practical skills training in research, covering the ethics of peer research, qualitative methods training and safeguarding. Through reflective practice and coaching, the peer researchers honed their practical interview skills, facilitated focus groups and analysed transcripts together. They used class time to shape the research and identify areas that required further investigation. Using insights from the research, the peer researchers participated in two creative service design workshops with the London College of Communication, engaging wider St Mungo’s staff, clients and employers.

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