Housing First is an internationally recognised approach to tackling homelessness for people who have been unable to sustain long-term accommodation. It provides a tenancy first as a platform for change, with intensive and flexible support to help clients address their needs at their pace. St Mungo’s is one of the largest providers of Housing First services in England, supporting 349 clients in different locations.


Find out more about our Housing First Camden service, here.

Housing First in action

At St Mungo’s we take the principles of Housing First and apply them by:

These five short films explain what Housing First is in our own words and how we work with partners across a range of our services to translate the principles into practice:

Housing First in our own words:

Being people-centred and adaptable:


Nurturing honest and resilient partnerships:

Taking well-judged risks:


Investing time and being patient:

A sound partnership between the Housing First provider and landlord is crucial to help clients sustain their tenancies and settle in their communities.  Hackney and City Housing First launched in March 2020 with the first client being housed in a Clarion property in summer 2020. Zoe from Clarion Housing Group and Lula from St Mungo’s talk about the challenges they faced and how they worked in partnership to overcome them.