From street to home

We are incredibly proud of the impact that our SIBs have had on our client’s lives. We will be sharing some of what we have learned over the next six months, starting with a look at Brighton. Find out more below.

SIB in Bristol

“For me, it’s very much about developing a meaningful relationship, which is something that a lot of SIB clients may not have had in their entire lifetime. And that can be a really, really powerful thing.”
- Ben, Bristol SIB Outreach Worker

Since 2017 our SIB Bristol team have been building trusting individual relationships with people who have long histories of sleeping rough. The team have been supporting clients to access and navigate services, helping them move away from the streets.

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In Bristol, of the cohort of 125 clients, 70% of SIB clients are currently either in hostels with support, specialist accommodation or have secured independent tenancies.

SIB in Brighton

"I had been homeless for ten years when I met Sophie and Frankie from the SIB team. I'd been caught in a cycle of rough sleeping and crime, but Frankie saved my life."
- Ben, former Brighton SIB client

In the last three years our SIB workers have had the time and space to form deeply trusting relationships with clients who have long histories of rough sleeping. These relationships can be life changing.

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In Brighton, of the cohort of 100 clients, 78% have entered accommodation and 28% have signed a long term tenancy agreement.

Paulina's experience

"Being a SIB worker is about carrying optimism when someone sleeping rough may have lost all hope, while at the same time being absolutely respectful of the individual’s choices."

Paulina, former SIB Outreach Manager, shares her experience of being part of the team in Brighton and highlights the successes of the project to date.

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"The beauty of the SIB project, and what I believe has played a major role in its success, is the team’s ability to connect with individual clients to form meaningful, positive, relationships."

Dan, Brighton SIB Outreach Worker.