We have found that 69% of our clients have a mental health problem that hinders their recovery from homelessness, or causes them distress. Very often, these people need bespoke services, and a dedicated space to recover.

We run dedicated mental health services, to give people who need extra support the best chance of recovery.

One of our South London services includes 12 self-contained flats for adults with complex and long term mental health needs. People often stay here after spending some time in hospital, when conventional supported housing can’t meet their needs.

Complete with a large communal living area and garden, our staff are there to provide any support that clients want or need. From practical daily living skills, to employment and education. As well as recreational activities like gardening, jewellery making, and even karaoke!

Sheila and Channan share their experiences of living here.

“We aim to make this a very therapeutic place to be, with a focus on providing highly personalised support. We see a really low level of hospital admissions, which is a huge leap forward for some clients and something to be celebrated. We often get compliments from clients and their families about how well they are doing here.”

"I deal with things a lot better" - Sheila

“Since moving here, I deal with things a lot better than I did. I went through a long period of time where I was in the hospital frequently.

“But now, I feel much better. It’s been a really long time since I was last admitted. And I think a huge amount of that is due to the staff here. I get along well with them all and I feel they’re really devoted to their jobs.

“The staff can give you a lot of input when you need it. And then when you’re well you don’t need it so much, they’ll step back a bit. You’ll still get to see them throughout the day, but they won’t intrude on your privacy.

“I’ve loved being here and I’m hoping to move on soon. But it’s hard because what I need is not very common. Although my mental health improving, I’m always going to need help for my physical health. St Mungo’s are helping me look for somewhere suitable.”

“It’s settled my mind” – Channan

“Before I arrived, I’d been in the psych ward for about five months. I even had to spend my 21st and Christmas there! I had been waiting for the right accommodation, but finally, I was able to move in.

“There were a lot of activities for us to do too. Like gardening, painting and art, jewellery making, walking club, and even karaoke. The activities coordinators were quite helpful with finding out what we wanted to do and getting us engaged.

“They supported me with planning my weeks every week, because that was one of the things I struggled with and was a trigger for me.

“I have a lot of health issues as well. So when I had appointments or had to go in for surgery they’d support me to go.

“I was able to get a job at a care home for people with dementia. And if I do need support, I’m better at speaking to someone and getting help instead of going down a risky road.

“It’s also helped me to get used to spending time alone. I knew the staff were always there to support me, but having my own flat helped me to have that independence and love my own company.

“I’ve rebuilt my relationship with my mum, who I’ve moved back in with. And I’m excited to have found out I’m pregnant, and that I’ll have mum’s support to raise my baby.”

“I’m thankful for St Mungo’s and for this place, because without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. The last two years could have gone very differently. They’ve really helped me to get back on track.”