St Mungo’s clients record Christmas song

People recovering from homelessness with leading charity St Mungo’s have written and recorded a Christmas song to celebrate togetherness and sharing.

“The Christmas Message” came together during an online song writing group as part of the digital Recovery College during the pandemic, and has recently been recorded by four clients.

It was written by St Mungo’s client Mike, who said: “I wrote these lyrics the first Christmas after my son was murdered and it’s about peace and reconciliation and togetherness and sharing. It was really great working with everyone at St Mungo’s Recovery College. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to write a song like this.

“The music production course at St Mungo’s is brilliant and it’s been invaluable through the recovery process. It was a really good and positive experience working with everyone on the project and a real collaborative effort. They really helped me express these difficult feelings in the most difficult times, so I will always be grateful for that”.

Client Julie’s vocals appear on the song. She said: “It sounds so great, you can hear all the different personalities. It’s such a peaceful song. This experience has given me a fantastic understanding of creating music in such a diverse group.”

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