St Mungo’s responds to latest CHAIN statistics

  • In total, 4068 people were recorded as rough sleeping in the capital between Jul-Sep 2023, this is an increase of 12% on the same period last year. 
  • 2086 people rough sleeping for the first time, a 13% increase on the same figure this time last year. 
  • 481 people deemed to be living on the streets, 17% higher than the immediately preceding period (Apr-Jun) 
  • 1561 people were intermittently rough sleeping, 16% higher than the same period last year. 


Emma Haddad, St Mungo’s Chief Executive, said: 

“As the UK homelessness crisis escalates, the latest rough sleeping data for London shows record numbers of people forced to sleep on the streets. Of particular concern is the large increase in non-UK nationals, who represented 52.6% of people sleeping rough in the capital during July to September. The pressure of these rising figures is being felt across St Mungo’s, as requests for immigration advice and emergency housing increases. 

“It is fantastic that people are receiving decisions on their asylum claims, but many are facing inadequate time to prepare before they must leave Home Office accommodation. Our outreach teams are meeting more and more refugees on the streets. Being granted refugee status in the UK should be an immensely positive time in someone’s life, but finding yourself homeless is anything but a warm welcome to the country. There needs to be a proper transition plan that enables people to access benefits, housing and employment, rather than being forced onto the streets.  

“When individuals have limited or unclear entitlements to public funds due to their immigration status, we must do more to help. To alleviate homelessness and destitution for this vulnerable group, there must be sufficient funding and a clear directive from central Government to support people to resolve their homelessness through the provision of accommodation, independent immigration advice, and support to engage in the advice.” 

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