Your gift could bring someone who is homeless, and their pet dog, in from the cold this winter. Can you help best friends stay safe, warm, together?

Help keep best friends together

Best friends Justin and Gunner relied on each other for company all year round, and especially during the tough winter months. Justin became homeless after his parents and partner passed away in the space of a year and a half. Justin didn’t know who to turn to for help. His dog, Gunner, was all that kept him going.

Gunner gives me a reason to do something,” says Justin. “He’s my best friend.

We’re one of the only homelessness charities that welcomes people experiencing homelessness and their pets. We understand that when a best friend is not welcome, the option of somewhere safe and warm to sleep is not an option at all.

Your gift could help people someone like Justin get off the streets and into warmth and safety this winter.

Susan and Lady

Here at St Mungo's we recognise the powerful emotional support a pet provides. That is why we accept pets in our hostels. We are one of the only homeless charities to accept pets. 

Meet Susan and Lady. They live in one of our hostels in London together. Lady helps Susan combat loneliness. 

When I haven’t got her I’m lost without her. I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Image: JB & Navrose

JB and Navrose’s

JB and his dog Navrose were homeless for 20 years. Most homelessness services don’t accept dogs, which made it difficult for JB to get the help he needed.

Having Navrose by my side really helped me when I was on the streets. She would sleep all day long while I looked out for her, then at night I could sleep knowing she was looking out for me. 

Now JB and Navrose have a place together in a St Mungo’s hostel. JB tells us about his life, his hopes for the future and what Navrose means to him.

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Why donate to St Mungo's?

  • Outreach

    Our outreach teams go out at night and in the early mornings, looking for people sleeping rough. Our first priority is to get people off the streets and into accommodation. With 17 outreach teams we are one of the largest providers of outreach services in the country. we go out each night to meet people sleeping rough and help them to move away from the streets.

  • Accommodation

    Each night we offer a bed and support to more than 3,150 people across the South and South West. We operate a range of accommodation services, from basic shelters or hostels, through to supported and semi-independent housing, to help people at every stage of their recovery from homelessness.

  • Recovery

    At the heart of all of our services is our commitment to empower the individual and support people in their recovery journey. We have Recovery Colleges because we believe that learning can be a life-changing experience and make a real difference to people’s recovery and wellbeing. That is why we offer a range of skills and employment services to help people thrive after homelessness.