Thomas Miller Announces Corporate Charity Partnership with St Mungo’s

Thomas Miller, an international provider of market-leading insurance services, is pleased to announce that it is partnering with charity St Mungo’s, to help tackle the issues faced by those experiencing homelessness across England, and support them in finding somewhere safe to call home.

Nationally, rough sleeping in England has increased by 74% since 2010. In 2022-23, 10,053 people slept rough in London alone, an increase of 21% on the year before.

Last year, St Mungo’s provided over 3,000 people with housing on any given night and supported over 28,000 people through their outreach, as well as helping those in need of access to safe accommodation, and learning and education programmes designed to prevent them from returning to the streets in the future and find pathways out of homelessness for good.

Beginning in January 2024, Thomas Miller and St Mungo’s commence their two-year global corporate charity partnership, which will raise a minimum of £100,000 to support the charity’s vital work across all stages of the process, from outreach, to finding accommodation, and helping them rebuild their lives in the long term through professional skills development. Thomas Miller’s employees were the driving force for the partnership, who identified which current issues matter the most, with St Mungo’s being chosen in the subsequent charity selection vote in 2023.

Jay Hunt, Head of Partnerships at St Mungo’s: “St Mungo’s is delighted to announce our new partnership with Thomas Miller to help further our mission to end all forms of homelessness. We are excited to see the enthusiasm within the business to work with St Mungo’s and are proud to have been selected by Thomas Miller staff as a charity they wish to champion. The generous donations will help us to continue to provide crucial services needed to end rough sleeping, and homelessness to ensure no one gets left behind.”

Charles Fenton, Chairman of Thomas Miller: “We’re very proud to be supporting St Mungo’s vital work in helping those experiencing homelessness rebuild their lives. Nobody should be forced to sleep on the streets, and we hope that through this partnership we’re able to make a real, long-term difference, helping people escape homelessness and access the opportunities that should be available to everyone.”

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