You're much less likely to see a woman sleeping rough. They could be sofa surfing. Living in squats. Or sleeping on buses. Because for a woman, being visible on the streets is dangerous.

Sadly, hiding from harm often means hidden from help. But St Mungo's is here for women experiencing homelessness. With bespoke support. Women only services. And dedicated, expert staff.

Will you join us? This International Women's Day, your donation could help women experiencing homelessness to be heard, by accessing the safety and support they need.
St Mungo's client Sophia

Sophia's story

At just 22 years old, Sophia ended up on the streets. She would sleep in empty buildings and spend all day on the tube just to stay safe. 

"As a woman, it’s 100% different. You get a lot of people offering you money for sexual favours. I used to tell them no, even though I needed the cash. But people would approach me for that quite often."

Denise's story

Denise experienced homelessness on and off, after suffering an acquired brain injury falling from a wall five years ago. 

"I slept outside the hospital, or outside the train station in my wheelchair. I was vulnerable – anything could have happened to me.... Luckily, I was referred to St Mungo’s and they’ve really helped me. "

Michelle's story

Michelle became homeless after the death of her partner and ended up on the streets of London having to sleep in doorways. Luckily, she was helped into a St Mungo's hostel by an Outreach worker.

"People take advantage of you because they know you've got nothing. Every woman on the street is vulnerable."

How St Mungo's supports women

How St Mungo's supports women

How St Mungo's supports women

Hidden from help

Women experiencing homelessness are often hidden from help. As well as this, many shelters don't tailor for specific needs. 

Almost half of St Mungo's female clients have experienced domestic violence. But according to HomelessLink, only 11% of homelessness services in England offer single-sex accommodation. 

St Mungo's understands the unique needs of women who have experienced homelessness, and with 17 specialised women only projects across the UK, we have the tools and resources to help.

We're there for women experiencing homelessness and this International Women's Day, you can be too.