Client Advisory Board volunteer

  • Location: Tower Hamlets
  • Closing Date: 30/04/2019

The Client Advisory Board (CAB) are a team of clients or former clients who work in partnership with the Board of Trustees. This makes sure clients are involved in high level decision making at St Mungo’s. The CAB meet regularly with Trustees and members of the Executive Team to read board papers and use their experience to influence the Board’s work.

As a member of the CAB you would be expected to attend approximately 8 formal CAB meetings a year lasting up to four hours. You will be responsible for reading the Board Papers and giving your views and opinions, asking questions and at times challenging Trustees and members of the Executive team in a positive manner. You will have opportunities to attend training sessions to increase your knowledge and skills. As a CAB member you will be responsible for creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere and to work well with the rest of the team. You will protect St Mungo’s positive reputation and promote diversity, inclusion and fairness.

Please note that volunteers must have experience of using St Mungo’s services as a client.

The closing date for applications is Friday 15th February 2019 however recruitment for this role may be closed earlier depending on the volume of applicants.

Helpful hints and tips:

– Before applying, please look at the time commitment required and make sure you are able to commit to it.

– Use your application form to explain how you meet the relevant skills and experience required for this role. Please use the attached role description for more information on requirements for this role.