What do our clients think of us?

Our recent Client Feedback Survey shows that 93% of people we work with are satisfied with the support they receive.

Providing clients with regular opportunities to feedback is key to developing efficient and effective services that meet their needs. The 592 responses we received will help us to form a clearer picture of what we are doing well as an organisation, and identify key areas where we can improve.

What our clients say

“Since I got here, my health has got much better. I feel very happy, and there is always food to eat when I need it.”

“Intensive support when needed was great, and they went above and beyond what any other service would do.”

“The biggest credit to the service is the wonderful, kind and helpful staff I interact with daily. I have never met an unkind staff member.”

“You’ve made me feel cared for, and given me a great opportunity to get back on my feet. Thank you so much.”

Client feedback in numbers

0 %
would describe staff as “caring, supportive and respectful”
0 %
agree we help them to make positive changes in their life
0 %
are satisfied that their needs are understood