At St Mungo’s we continue to work harder than ever to end homelessness and rough sleeping and change lives for the better. Year on year we seek to provide solutions with, and for, people who are sleeping rough or facing homelessness, putting them at the heart of what we do to help them fulfil their hopes and ambitions. We equally work with our partners to advocate for the solutions that will help end rough sleeping, shaped by the lessons of people who have lived and worked through homelessness.

People experiencing homelessness often face a number of challenges, commonly involving feelings of isolation, mental health problems, and drug or alcohol use. But we strive to support people as they take control of their own recovery from homelessness. We work with people to understand their goals, and help them to achieve them in the best way to support them to rebuild their lives. In 2020-21, we helped 31,620 people across our 207 services, providing accommodation, support, and skills and training services for people who have experienced homelessness.

Find out where we work and the services we offer to the people we support as well as our work to influence policy change and the impact we’re having to help people into a place to call home.