Race Action Plan

As a leading homelessness charity, St Mungo’s has always had a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Inclusive is one of our core values. The Board and the Executive recognise that racism and other forms of discrimination have a profound impact on our clients and our staff. We are committed to doing what we can to address these issues.

Over the past five years St Mungo’s has taken a proactive approach to addressing discrimination and has been recognised by the work that we do in this area. Our BAME network is one of the most active and has helped us to drive this agenda. We have an Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion strategy which is driving further change on top of the approaches we have hardwired into our day to day activity. We have had a BAME Positive Action Strategy and action plan since 2017 and we had recognised the need to revitalise this work

However, following the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 and the Black Lives Matter response, working with our Race Action Group, we asked ourselves what we could do to demonstrate our support to the principle that Black Lives Matter and to reconfirm our commitment to tackling racism. Discussions with colleagues have shown that these events have had a deep impact and there is a need for the organisation to support our managers to create safe spaces for people to share experiences and to discuss how racism impacts on their lives.

Our Race Action Plan sets out a programme of activities that are planned, taking into account the discussion and recommendations arising from a special board meeting and discussion between Board members and the BAME network in the summer, advice from consultants and guidance from our BAME Network and staff. The Race Action Plan is organised in three sections:

  • Leadership awareness and commitment.
  • Positive action.
  • Creating safe spaces.

We continue to reflect on what we have done and what more we will aim to do.

We have also made specific commitments in our new strategic plan 2021-26, these include:

  • Aspirational targets to aim for, namely, one in three appointments to senior management (Service Development Manager and above) and Trustee roles over the next five years to be people from a BAME background.
  • Seeking to ensure that at least one member of every shortlisting panel for a senior role is BAME
  • Introducing a new Leadership Development Programme for BAME managers to support their progression into senior roles.

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