Latest innovations

Drawing on our extensive experience of delivering services, and client involvement and insight, we’ve developed a number of innovative approaches to help people experiencing homelessness.

We run more than 300 services, which aim to address a wide range of problems that are faced by people who are homeless or rough sleeping. Many of these services use tried and tested methods and have a big impact on the lives of our clients but we’re always looking for innovative ways to support people. Here you’ll find some of the latest ways we’re looking to end homelessness and help people rebuild their lives.

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The Housing First model helps people who are living on the streets, or who are caught up in a cycle of hostels, sofa surfing, prison or hospital, into their own permanent accommodation. People are supported with personal budgets and help around reducing drug and alcohol use and tackling mental health problems.

St Mungo’s has been at the forefront of designing, implementing and running Housing First projects in the UK.

We’re one of the largest provider of Housing First services in England, supporting over 180 clients in eleven different locations.

Our services are in Bournemouth, Brent, Camden, Ealing, Essex, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Haringey, Reading, Sussex and Tower Hamlets.

With over 50 years’ experience providing a wide range of frontline homelessness and housing services across London and the south of England, St Mungo’s works with individuals throughout all stages of homelessness.

For people with a history of sleeping rough, the move from supported accommodation to independent housing can often be challenging step. Without the right accommodation and support available, sometimes individuals can end up returning to the streets.

To break this cycle St Mungo’s has developed a model of housing acquisition and management with an experienced support team in place to help people move from the homelessness pathways system into their own self-contained accommodation. With good quality, affordable, move-on accommodation alongside sustained 1-2-1 support, residents will be able to build the skills they need to not only maintain their tenancy, but to thrive in their new home eventually accessing fully independent housing.

Find out about Next Steps Accommodation in Bristol here.

We have supported people with mental health problems for over 45 years and have extensive experience of running recovery based accommodation projects as part of mental health and complex needs pathways, including working with dual diagnosis clients.

We are the main mental health supported accommodation provider within Islington, Camden, Enfield and Haringey with 279 bed spaces. We run several cutting edge projects in London, including Brent Dual Diagnosis project and both the North and South London complex needs women’s services.

In Bristol we operate the men’s mental health Crisis House, the walk-in weekend Sanctuary, and the Assertive Contact and Engagement service (ACE), which are all part of Bristol's integrated mental health system. Our Mulberry House and Mews project in Bath provides support and accommodation to clients with severe and enduring mental health.

St Mungo’s mental health approach has developed a shared way of thinking that we apply across the whole organisation. We have a common way of working that provides a consistent experience for clients and external stakeholders. It is a guiding framework for all staff with a shared language, theoretical approach, and way of behaving. We use it in our recruitment, training, supervision, appraisal, reflective practice, building design, service delivery and it fits within our organisational Recovery Approach.

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Between 2012 and 2016, St Mungo’s delivered the Greater London Authority’s first pan-London Homelessness Social Impact Bond (SIB).

The SIB - which we called Street Impact - accommodated over 300 people who were sleeping rough long term across London.

Building on our existing infrastructure and partnerships across London, including Local Authorities, outreach teams, day centres, hostels and housing providers, our team supported 414 people away from sleeping on the streets into sustainable accommodation and into work.

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