Charrissa's Story

Charrissa moved into a new flat with her dog Benjie in 2016, feeling hopeful about her future. It turned out that her landlord was renting the property to her illegally. Charrissa had to leave, and lost the rent and deposit she had paid.

With no family to turn to, no savings, and only a part-time job that could not support her – Charrissa and Benjie became homeless.

‘I kept thinking, I’ve got a degree, how did I get here? Mostly I was scared of losing Benjie – he was the only thing keeping me going.’

Eight months later, Charrissa and Benjie were found by a St Mungo’s outreach team. The pair were eventually placed at a St Mungo’s hostel which accepts pets.

‘St Mungo’s really took the time to understand what I needed. And thank God they accept pets!’

Charrissa is now in her own place, which has a big garden for Benjie, and is hopeful for her future again. She is volunteering with St Mungo’s, and has been accepted onto a Master’s course.

‘Without St Mungo’s, a lot of people like me wouldn’t make it.’

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