Clearing House

Housing for people who have a history of sleeping rough

What is Clearing House?

The Clearing House provides supported housing in London for people with a history of rough sleeping. All properties are provided by Housing Associations as part of the Rough Sleepers Initiative (RSI) and are supported by Tenancy Sustainment Teams (TSTs), who provide floating support. 

This service is a partnership with approximately 50 Housing Associations who provide the accommodation, eight Tenancy Sustainment Teams to deliver the support and over 30 organisations who refer rough sleepers from the street, hostels and other supported housing projects to the Clearing House.

The Rough Sleepers Initiative, which has been running since 1991, has resulted in over 12,000 new tenancies and protected exclusive access to more than 3,700 one bed and studio flats for current and former rough sleepers.

I am homeless - how can I access Clearing House?

Please speak with your key worker to discuss your suitability for the Clearing House.  The service only accepts referrals from commissioned services that provide support to homeless people.  Those referred must meet our eligibility criteria which include being a verified rough sleeper with a CHAIN Number, currently engaging with support and an ability to manage an independent tenancy with fortnightly support. 

Further information

All Policies and Proceedures are available in the Clearing House Library, whcih can be accessed by logging in to the online system. If you do not have access to the system please contact our helpdesk on 020 3856 6008. 

If you would like to be more involved in the Clearing House service and would like to get to know the team, we currently have a new volunteering opportunity that might be of interest!

Please visit this page to find out more.

A new Clearing House system

The Clearing House system has moved! Our online system for making referrals, requesting nominations and managing cases can be accessed by logging in at Please book mark this new login address.

If you do not currently have login credentials for the new system please email