What can "Homelessness" mean?

  • Sleeping Rough

    Sleeping rough is when someone is sleeping on the streets. It is the most visible form of homelessness.

  • Being Homeless

    Being homeless is not necessarily sleeping rough, but being in unstable accommodation such as a hostel, B&B, or another type of temporary home.

  • Sofa Surfing

    Sofa surfing is moving between friends' or relatives' houses. It can also be known as "hidden homelessness"

Causes of homelessness

While each person's story is unique, there are factors that can contribute to why people find themselves facing homelessness. This can be a result of individual circumstances, a relationship breakdown, bereavement, or mental health issues which can be exacerbated by wider social and economic factors. Homelessness is complex but it is not inevitable.

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