Who we are

St Mungo’s strength as an organisation comes from the diversity of our people. We are diverse not only in our backgrounds but also in our skills and experience.

While everyone at St Mungo’s brings something slightly different to the table, we’re all united in our values and our aim of ending homelessness.

We are our clients

Everything we do starts with our clients. We’re here to help people who’ve experienced homelessness, regardless of their age, gender, sexuality or ethnicity.

We not only want to help our clients move on from the problems that caused their homelessness, we also want them to work with us to improve and develop our services. So we include our clients wherever possible in our work. We also have two formalised groups for clients who are involved with the day-to-day running of our services:

Outside In

Outside In is a network of clients who play a crucial role in our decision making and implementation processes. They ensure that the work we’re doing is efficient, effective, and suitable for the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

Client Advisory Board

The Client Advisory Board (CAB) is our formal group of former and current clients. They work closely with our Chief Executive and Board, offering valuable insight into proposals for projects and services. The CAB meets regularly, and helps to guide the decisions that we take as an organisation.

We are our staff, volunteers and apprentices

We take pride in the diverse and talented people we have at St Mungo’s. We employ hundreds of people across the various functions it takes to run a modern, successful charity. Our aim to end homelessness and rebuild lives is a big task, and it’s one that we wouldn’t be able to achieve without the committed, creative and compassionate staff we have.

We also rely on the dedication of our volunteers and apprentices to help us successfully develop and deliver projects and services across London and the south of England.

We’re committed to the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion.

We are our Executive Directors

We have six dedicated and talented Executive Directors, each responsible for different functions within St Mungo’s. Together, they oversee the running of the organisation. They are:

  • Howard Sinclair - Chief Executive
  • David Fisher – Executive Director of Services
  • Helen Giles – Executive Director of People and Governance
  • Sonia Smith – Executive Director of Finance
  • Rebecca Sycamore – Executive Director of Development
  • Dominic Williamson – Executive Director of Strategy and Policy

We are our Board

The broad and varied experience of our Board helps to guide the course we take as an organisation.

Our Board members are: Robert Napier (Chair), Tim Gadd (Vice Chair), Tracy Allison, Rolande Anderson, Alexandra Beidas, Dan Corry, Joanna Killian, John Maxted, Mark Pears, Susmita Sen, Bontle Senne, Dr Helen Walters, John Watts.

We are St Mungo’s

We have many talented and committed individuals at St Mungo’s, and by being inclusive, creative and empowering, we’ve built an organisation that is even greater than the sum of its parts.

Together we can end homelessness. Together we can rebuild lives. Together we are St Mungo’s.