Women and homelessness

Women who are homeless experience particular problems which men are less likely to face, namely, prostitution and domestic violence. Prostitution is a way to make money quickly, sometimes in order to support a drugs or alcohol habit, and domestic violence is often a precursor to becoming homeless. About a quarter of St Mungo's clients are women.

"He started hitting me 'cause he started getting psychosis on [speed] as well, so he started hitting me and scarring me up and I got scars all over me. Burns and stuff like that, cigarette burns I mean...There was a lot of hitting me, he kept hitting me. He kept hitting me all the time and I had to keep running away and hiding and going to my sister's. My sister was a nervous wreck with me 'cause she thought he was gonna kill me eventually. That's why I ended up escaping through London. That's how I ended up in jail..." Joanne, 32

"I've nearly been killed three times doing [prostitution]. I've been raped doing it. I've... as a result of that I got HIV doing it. But it's easy money." Angela, 38

Some interviews contain strong language.

1. Domestic violence 9.2 Tracy, 40

2. Prostitution 38.3 Angela, 38

3. Loss of children 24.3 Linda, 52

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