Claire's story

Claire"I've been homeless on and off since I was 13 due to family problems. I came to London and started to sleep on the streets between being in and out of prison. The other people on the streets were my family - we looked out for each other.

"Soon after I was found by the St Mungo's Street Impact Team who got me into a hostel and helped me to have a less chaotic life. I enjoyed living there and never had any problems.

"In the last year I have joined Outside In, St Mungo's client involvement group, and have started to attend classes at the Recovery College.

"It's very enjoyable and busy - we went to Parliament to present our manifesto and I've taken courses in script writing and Escape Plan training. This involves changing attitudes and perceptions of life, family and friends through a holistic approach.

"I enjoy learning with others and like to try my hand at anything - it helps me to decide what I want to do with my life. It's helped me find a healthy balance.

 "I'm a member of the Outside In women's group, where I learn how to be more open and honest and learn how to rebuild my connections. I'm very grateful for the team's support and am glad to have made so many new friends. The support I receive here is integral.

"I've gained lots of skills here. I've improved my self-confidence which is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I'm more self-aware and better with boundaries and I'm learning how to communicate better.

 "I've recently started a part-time job as a safety steward for Chelsea Football Club. A year from now I'd like to still be working there and also to have a part-time job with St Mungo's and be in more settled, permanent accommodation."

Claire, along with another Outside In member, Mandy, are walking up Mount Snowdon to raise money for St Mungo's in memory of those who have died sleeping rough. You can sponsor them here

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