How St Mungo's makes a difference

St Mungo's provides a bed, a warm room and so much more to more than 2,500 people every single night across London and the South.  In the capital, we are the leading charity giving support to homeless and vulnerable people, working in some of the busiest areas to find people who are sleeping rough, providing safe housing and the means to a healthier, much more stable life away from the streets.

We work with other homelessness charities to ensure the best for homeless people

Outreach To ensure we provide the best possible services for homeless people, we work closely with other homelessness charities.  We have been in a strategic partnership with Crisis, covering policy and frontline work, and Shelter provides effective advice to our support workers.  To find out more about other housing and support charities, visit Homeless Link, the umbrella organisation for homelessness housing and support providers.  

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